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NRA Basic Pistol Class
The NRA Basic Pistol class is designed for both the experienced and inexperienced shooter.  The class reviews the types of handguns, the mechanics of each type of handgun, ammunition, safe gun handling, gun maintenance, and more!

The involves many hands on exercises where as students will handle and dry fire both revolver's and semi-automatic handguns.  We put you through the same exact exercises that we put students through on the gun range during your live fire exercises.  This ensures and builds confidence handling the various types of handguns prior to actually firing them on the range.  We also utilize SIRT laser pistols in class.  This allows students to work on several critical skills prior to the live range fire exercises.

This class involves both class instruction and range live fire exercises.  For the live fire exercises we utilize the gun range located at NRA Headquarters in Farifax, Virginia.  Click her for range information

In order to use the NRA HQ Range, students must take a written range test.  But, worry the range test is easy and the NRA staff works with each student to ensure they understand the range rules and safety instructions.  It is advisable for students to try and find time to stop by the NRA HQ Range and take the test prior to your class.  This speeds up your training day and will allow students to immediately start using the range.  Once students take the range test, they will be issued a range card and will be able to use the NRA HQ Range whenever they like.  There is a small range test and membership fee which is not included in the price for our classes.  However, your range fee for the day of class is covered in your class fees.

Our NRA Training classes are very informative and will prepare students in basic firearm knowledge and skills.  However, we strongly advise that students continue the firearms training, especially if they plan on seeking a concealed carry permit.  Carrying a concealed handgun comes with enormous responsibility and proper skills are required. 

We offer additional one on one personal firearms training for a multitude of skill levels and situations including tactical type engagements.  Our fees for personal one on one firearms training is by the hour and our rates for most training are $85 per hour plus the cost of ammunition.

Please contact us for more information at training@highimpactdefense.com
or 703.928.8722

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